Pedigree when you see it.

Like his cat litter, and he knows it.

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Cat lovers say . . .

  • our kitty is ever thankful 🙂

    Amazon stars

    Amazon verified customer
  • This is the only cat litter I'll buy now. It lasts a long time and absorbs the smell really well. I recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Darcy - Amazon verified customer
  • I've bought many other litter brands (Arm&Hammer, store brand,Special Kitty, Maxx Scoop etc) and none have compared to this. I even use it in an open concept no lid box and no stink. Highly recommend!

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • This is the third time I've purchased this product and that's because it's AMAZING!! It has scent without being overwhelming for myself or my cat and the low dust level is especially great for my mom who is sensitive to dusts and scents.

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • The litter has good odor control and is easily clumping. It has a very good value for the quality. I highly recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Human Kambakhsh - Amazon verified customer