When life just couldn’t get any better.

There’s a cat litter that now makes his day.

The Eurolitter Team

With a unique combination of highly qualified professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, the Eurolitter team is our most important asset.

Our managers and workers have substantial experience in the pet industry, and our staff is trained in all areas of agronomy, distribution, transportation, export, packaging and marketing. To ensure we stay ahead of the latest developments in these areas, our team members are constantly updated with knowledge.

Being qualified and experienced goes hand in hand with dedication and collaborative effort. The Eurolitter team is continuously working hard to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

With managers and workers committed to delivering only the highest quality cat litter, Eurolitter builds solid and sincere partnerships with breeders, pet shop owners, distributors and consumers alike, ensuring we all reach higher summits together.

Cat lovers say . . .

  • our kitty is ever thankful 🙂

    Amazon stars

    Amazon verified customer
  • This is the only cat litter I'll buy now. It lasts a long time and absorbs the smell really well. I recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Darcy - Amazon verified customer
  • I've bought many other litter brands (Arm&Hammer, store brand,Special Kitty, Maxx Scoop etc) and none have compared to this. I even use it in an open concept no lid box and no stink. Highly recommend!

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • This is the third time I've purchased this product and that's because it's AMAZING!! It has scent without being overwhelming for myself or my cat and the low dust level is especially great for my mom who is sensitive to dusts and scents.

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • The litter has good odor control and is easily clumping. It has a very good value for the quality. I highly recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Human Kambakhsh - Amazon verified customer

Our Services

In today’s competitive markets, quality service must always support quality products. Eurolitter has established specialized service departments ensuring our clients feel at home in the pet industry.

Customer Service Department

One of our key strengths is our personal approach to building genuine and lasting relationships and trust with all clients and customers. Whether a client has questions about our products or needs a follow-up of their last order, we are always available for a call or e-mail at anytime. Our multi-lingual customer service staff are available to assist with all inquiries.

Export Department

Since the founding of Eurolitter, international development has been one of our main focuses. Today, we’re proud to have clients and customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and across the Americas. In order to fulfill the requests and wishes of our worldwide distribution, we have established a specialized export department.

– Our export team ensures all shipments reach their final destinations in the proper way and as agreed.
– If a client has specific requirements on packaging or pallet customization, we always find a way to meet their needs.
– We offer tracking options.

Marketing and Graphics Department

Not only is it necessary to have a high quality product, but these should also be well presented. Through our creative marketing and graphics department, Eurolitter offers its clients complete product and sales tools design and support.

Marketing tools available include:
– Design for trademarks and logos.
– Product information in brochures, as a CD-Rom or as PowerPoint presentations.
– In-store marketing: posters, banners, promotional coupons and so on.

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