Eurolitter. Handcrafted in Canada.

It’s European, handcrafted in Canada
and happily used all over the world.
That’s our definition of popularity.


World-class clumping cat litter.

Exceeding all the rest in quality and effectiveness,
Eurolitter comes cat-approved.

Odour Control

Odour Control

Eurolitter controls odours naturally. Available scented or unscented, the pan and home are kept even fresher.

Instant Clumping

Instant Clumping

Eurolitter clumps and absorbs liquids instantly ensuring the rest of the litter stays clean, perfectly dry and untouched.

Long Lasting

Long Lasting

The regular grain size of Eurolitter absorbs liquids quicker than ever, using less material and lasting longer than other litters.

Safe and Natural


Eurolitter’s natural mineral, pure sodium bentonite, has no chemical additives and is harmless for pets or humans.

Easy to buy. And easier to use.

Find and use Eurolitter today. Your cat will thank you!

Eurolitter is found in only the finest stores

Where to buy Eurolitter?

Eurolitter is found in only the finest outlets, and distributed world-wide in over 35 countries, spanning 4 continents.
We’re still working on the rest of the globe . . .

Visit our Store Locator Page and find an outlet nearest you.

Become a Eurolitter retailer

Keen to be a Retailer?

Eurolitter is growing with the strong partnerships and genuine trust created with our suppliers and clientele. Like to join us?

Contact us for information on becoming a Eurolitter retailer.

Easy as pie3

Easy as pie. Well, cat litter!

Eurolitter is available in two sizes and three scents. Just fill a clean litter pan 4 to 5 inches deep, remove clumps each day, and maintain the litter level. Clumps can be disposed of in the garbage.

We design and produce CATECO litter pan and NOBA scoops too!

Become a Distributor

Become a Eurolitter Distributor

We continue to reach higher summits and invite all potential distributors to be part of our fast growing team.

Contact us for information on becoming a Eurolitter distributor.

Cat lovers say . . .

  • our kitty is ever thankful 🙂

    Amazon stars

    Amazon verified customer
  • This is the only cat litter I'll buy now. It lasts a long time and absorbs the smell really well. I recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Darcy - Amazon verified customer
  • I've bought many other litter brands (Arm&Hammer, store brand,Special Kitty, Maxx Scoop etc) and none have compared to this. I even use it in an open concept no lid box and no stink. Highly recommend!

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • This is the third time I've purchased this product and that's because it's AMAZING!! It has scent without being overwhelming for myself or my cat and the low dust level is especially great for my mom who is sensitive to dusts and scents.

    Amazon stars

    LeVaughan - Amazon verified customer
  • The litter has good odor control and is easily clumping. It has a very good value for the quality. I highly recommend it.

    Amazon stars

    Human Kambakhsh - Amazon verified customer

We also produce . . .

We also produce a scoop with bragging rights,
revolutionary cat litter pans, and
a second pedigree cat litter.
Yes, we like what we do!

NOBA scoops

Not all scoops are equal.

And we produce the pinnacle. The best of the best. Introducing the NOBA scoop – full bragging rights included.

Cateco litter pan

Introducing a litter pan for royalty.

Our revolutionary CATECO litter pan, with Convactive™ technology, brings new meaning to the word ’throne’.


Those lucky cats . . .

For the cat who prefers a choice between two premium cat litters, they’ll be thrilled with our excellent alternative Canada Litter.